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"I just want to let you know how fired up I am about our workshop. I've got things rolling, and have explained the highlights to my team. They're on board, and we're starting to prioritize my existing tickets.

I've made 2 big milestones - I just delegated control of my email box to Bonnie, so she's in charge now; I also delegated about 60% of the tickets in my system to Eric and told him to just knock them out (the others we'll work on together, or are things I need to do myself)."


"I don't think I've EVER had an empty email inbox. I'm one of those email hoarders that never deletes anything, and I usually struggle with keeping the "unread" count to a manageable level... Well, as you can see below, my inbox is completely empty! We've got folders setup for everything and it's really helping keep things on track, and makes sure NOTHING gets missed. This alone has reduced my stress level substantially... My frustration with people emailing be directly is moot, since Bonnie just picks it up and starts the process.

My ticket load has been steadily dropping - it started out at close to 130 at the beginning of the week, and we're down to ~90. Keep in mind, we tend to add 3-5 daily for random issues that come up, so the fact that it's steadily dropping is HUGE. On Monday we invoiced ~$5500, and on the 15th we will have another ~$5000 to invoice for... At the end of the month I'm not sure how much will end up being in the "cushion" category, but regardless of how that pans out my ultimate goal is to invoice a bare minimum of $20K. Next week I think we'll be caught up enough to get Bonnie on the phones with my client list to touch base (and pick up more work). That' puts me on target to reach back out at the end of April to schedule maintenance contract discussions (which I'll want to work with you on).

I've been giving a lot of thought to speaking engagements and have been discussing it with the team. In April I'm going to start up a regular email campaign to keep clients up to date with new things coming out, including exploits (like the one that just happened with Apache servers). After a couple of those, I think I want my first engagement to be a "client appreciation" get together where I can address common issues, as well as provide some instruction/advice on how to avoid common pitfalls (bogus emails, searching google, etc).

Also, on another subject, I'm beginning the process of switching my software (from Autotask to ConnectWise). We had discussed doing this in April, but things are going so well with Eric that I've decided to start the process now. That way, come April (business building month) we will have our platform up and ready to start dialing in our processes and procedures.

Thanks for everything! Things are really starting to gain traction, and I can't wait to continue working with you."

Scott M. Owner | IT Company 8-Hour Workshop March 6, 2017

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"Thank you for all your help and the information that you have passed on. It has been invaluable and I know it will serve me for many years to come."

Frederick W. Owner | SEO Company 4-Hour Workshop February 11, 2017

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"Thanks for your feedback, and I so appreciate all that you’ve done so far. You are definitely gifted with the ability to get to the root of what needs to be done and I’m so blessed to be able to take advantage of your skills and business knowledge."


"Just wanted to touch base with you to let you know again how much I appreciate the time you spent with me and all of the work we did. I'm really feeling very excited about the upcoming months with the tasks we outlined. I know I can accomplish these and that when I am able check each off, I'll feel even more energized about my path.

I've attached a pic to show you where I put the list. This is right in front of my bed, so when I get up in the morning it will be the first thing I see. I also bought big post it notes and have put one on my bathroom mirror, on my laptop and on my monitor at my desk. And I put the pic on the wall of my iPad. So it's everywhere I look so I cannot forget what I'm supposed to be doing. These actions of putting lists in places around the house are something I've never really believed in because when I put these things there, I start to ignore them. But I'm determined to get these completed!"

Denise R. Owner | Website Development Company 4-Hour Workshop & Level 2 Consulting January 19, 2017

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"I'd like to second Jordan's thank you note he sent. It was a good day! I felt that it put Jordan and I in better alignment and agreement. And, I appreciate you sharing the story about Ari and daring to dream big. I do think my Midwest Christian upbringing taught me otherwise (although interestingly enough, my Baptist minister brother has no problem thinking big and making things happen!). So again, thank you."

April W. Owner | Food Product 8-Hour Workshop & Ongoing Consulting January 13, 2017